Ode to My Shower

Ode to My ShowerI LOVE my shower.  

I don’t have a big bathroom at all. It’s not fancy. The shower head is whatever WPS installed on their energy plan visit.  It’s not a walk-in or tile. I don’t even like the shower curtain anymore. But I LOVE my shower.  I mean LOVE.

It is the 5 (10 on a good day) minutes of the day where I can stop, think, and not be “on”.  Don’t get me wrong. I have a job that I love. But being a teacher, I am “on” all day long.  It’s an honor and a blessing, but it’s also exhausting.  I know it’s not the only profession like that either.  Then when I pick up my two darling children it is “Mom, Momma, Mom, MOMMY!” until they go to sleep. And let’s be honest, sometimes after that too.  I couldn’t wait until they could say “Mama” and now some days it never stops.   And you SAHM, I know you have the nonstop “Momma!” too! 

Back when I had babies, there were definitely days that I did not shower. But now I look forward to that time more than I can even describe.  Sure, I pray my kids don’t dig in the pantry for candy or color on the walls, but I don’t feel one ounce of guilt to let Curious George entertain as I hop in.   

I know people use that time for a lot of different things. Some days I don’t think at all and it is heavenly. Of course, I’m horrible most days at shutting things off, so it becomes the daily to-do list, shopping list, gift planning, and more for those glorious five minutes of peace and quiet.  But no one is yelling my name. What bliss!  

I try to think of all my blessings each morning, even as I’m hiding under the hot water, because I do know how blessed I am to have little people calling my name.  BUT then I stay for another minute before I walk out to two faces yelling, “Mom, Momma, Mom, MOMMY!”


So I have to ask, what is your tiny oasis in this crazy life of motherhood?

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