Five Family-Friendly Activities for the Fall (and mostly FREE!)

Hiking/Taking a Fall Walk

It’s the jeans and hoodies season and the leaves become amazingly brilliant and beautiful, so it’s time to take advantage  of it! There are so many great environmental and nature centers in our area that are free! Depending on the age of your kids, it might be more walking than hiking, but it doesn’t matter.  We are so spoiled to have so many options in our area.  Here are some great ones to check out if you haven’t before. 

1000 Islands Environmental Center


Heckrodt Wetland Reserve

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary


Apple Picking and the Pumpkin Patch

 Your family can have a lot of fun at orchards or pumpkin patches without spending any money (or not too much at all).   It’s neat to show the kids where the apples and pumpkins actually grow and have them experience the atmosphere of picking their own fruit to bring home.  The Festival Foods Pumpkin Blowout on October 7 is also a great time and free!  They have cute games and activities for the kids!  Check out the complete  guide to pumpkin patches and orchards for some of the best in the area!

Not So Scary Halloween Movies at the theaters

 If you are like us, you don’t frequent the theater often because the cost of going as a family is enough to own 2 of the DVDs yourself!  But it still is a special treat to get to the theater sometimes. We love the special events like the $3 movie series that they offer.  This fall it’s a few cute “Halloween” type movies but family appropriate ones like Shrek.  Of course, you could also visit a drive-in theater while they are still open! 


 It’s a great time of year to teach your children the importance of giving back to their community.  Offer to rake leaves for some elderly neighbors.  Collect some food or funds for your local food pantry.  Bring some treats  or old puzzles to a local nursing home.   There are many opportunities around town to make someone’s day brighter.

Create Something New with your Kids

 Stop by Home Depot on the first Saturday of the month to create their project of the month.  It’s free and the kids love to make something they keep along with an apron and pin!  Or download a DIY project from Pinterest to teach your child how to use tools, paint, create and make something unique out of things you already have lying around the house! It’s a great time of year to tackle a project in the garage together! Maybe you could even make a Christmas gift for someone one your list this year! 

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