Your Child’s a Hot Mess at Night? Be Grateful

Quite the title right?  Let me explain.  Evenings are tough for most kids from infant on. I know my babies were the crankiest from 5:30-bedtime most nights. The witching hour. But I’m not talking about babies or even toddlers. I’m referring to the school-age group of kids!

Still confused? There is so much to be grateful for if your kids are hot messes at the end of the day! It’s all about perspective even when our patience as parents is wearing thin and we’re ready for the peace and quiet once their adorable, whiny heads hit the pillows. 

Here’s why we need to choose thankfulness.

They kept it together all day. They kept it together at a long day of school when they had to sit, follow directions, try new things, work their brains, place nice with others, and use their manners. What more would you want as a parent than to know that they were being respectful and kind all day. (at least we imagine they are)  School is long and hard – I know, I’m there with them all day! The kids blow me out of the water each and every day with how much they give to me as a teacher. I try to make it as fun and engaging as I can, but it’s still a long day.

And they’re still kids. They need to have a safe place where they can let it out and not be so put together. And we’re it. At home.  As their parents, we get to be their safe place, and that means dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly!


Now I’m not saying they get to be little beasts at home and do whatever they want. Quite the opposite. They still need to be respectful to our homes and our expectations. They still need to clean up after themselves and follow our rules. But if there is some whining, or reminders are needed more than once, or fighting with a sibling, I’ll take it at home versus at school any day of the week.      

So the next time you head to a parent/teacher conference and the teacher is singing your child’s praises and the first thought that pops into your head is,”Are you talking about my kid? They are the complete opposite at home!  Polite?  Listens well? Gets along with others? My kid?!?!?” Think again. Be grateful that they are doing amazing things outside of our homes and embrace that they need a place to decompress too. Just like we do as adults with our Netflix and wine.  Even if theirs is Netflix and WHINE.   

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