The perfect Tree

The Magic of a Christmas Tree

Look at the holidays in the same awe and wonder that a child looks at their tree. Decorating the tree should be about family. The holiday should be about family. It’s not the money spent, the presents, or the big meal that matter – its about getting together with those you love, gathering as a […]

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bell ringers still needed

‘An Unmanned Kettle is an Empty Kettle’

It’s never too early to teach your children about giving back to the community, Mueller says, Ringing bells as a family will “provide an opportunity for parents to show their children how to give and become a donor. It is a rare occasion for a child to pass a kettle without begging his or her […]

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Won't Always Be a Foon

It Won’t Always Be a Foon – Everything is Temporary

I remember watching all my friends get pregnant while waiting to conceive.  I remember every negative pregnancy test.  I remember how long my pregnancies felt.  I counted the weeks one by one, waiting impatiently for the little wonders to arrive.  But suddenly it’s over, and I miss their little kicks inside my belly.  Because waiting, […]

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oh mom I get it now

Oh Mom, I Get IT Now

There are so many it(s) that I have left to experience.  I’m sure I will find the right time to use the phrase “life’s not fair” and I will understand why grand kids are better than my own kids.  But until then, if you see a cartoon-like light bulb above my head, don’t worry.  It’s just me […]

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