representing reality

Representing Reality

eal life looks different for each mama.  The beautiful thing is we all have different strengths and weaknesses.  Our differences make us even more equipped to help each other out.  I definitely want to see what you’re good at and get some extra tips on improving the messier areas of my life. And if you’re […]

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Strawberry Picking

Northeast Wisconsin Strawberry Picking

Ahhh, summer! The fresh, local produce that is available this time of year is nothing short of delicious. That said, strawberry season is right around the corner. Currently, most farms are projecting the strawberry season to begin late June. It’s always recommended to call ahead to confirm dates and times as they can change quickly.

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Coping With Anxiety in Kids

One thing I have learned about anxiety is that it is hereditary. This has become a burden on its own, because it is quite apparent that my oldest suffers anxiety. I worry about how that will play out throughout his life, so I decided to be proactive and teach him ways to control his emotions […]

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Salute to military mothers (1)

New view of Memorial Day

My stepson was only 5 years old when his father and I began dating. Now 21, he swears he doesn’t remember a time before I was in his life; I like to say the same back to him. But entering the military was never in my plan for him; I envisioned four years of college, […]

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