What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s DayMother’s Day is almost here. It’s always one of those holidays that can be so anticipated, yet we know the day will generally not go as we expect or hope. When I visualize Mother’s Day, I think of a day all about me. Is that selfish?? I am a mom, and I work SO hard to try to be a good one. A day all about me sounds incredible, and quite far fetched, if I’m being honest.

In reality, Mother’s Day is about me, but it’s also about my own mom and my mother-in-law (and all the other incredible moms in our lives). My husband and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the incredible women that raised us. They deserve to be celebrated! I always hope Mother’s Day will be a special day for our moms, and I work to make it that way. I usually see at least one of them, make sure to have cards and projects from my kids ready, as well as something they’ll hopefully enjoy for a gift. I am grateful to still have two moms in my life to spend time with and to celebrate!

While I think celebrating your own mother(s) is important, I also think EVERY Mom needs to be celebrated, including YOU! If you are reading this, you already know you are loved. Sometimes its nice to get a little recognition for the endless amounts of thankless jobs we do for our families though. Mother’s Day is hopefully one of those times.

Picture the perfect Mother’s Day… Does it include time to yourself? Maybe peace and quiet? Family time? No one arguing? Not cooking any meals? Drinking your coffee/tea while it’s still hot? Going to the bathroom alone? A fun outing? Staying home? Everyone has their own version of the perfect day, and guess what?? Your husband and child(ren) probably don’t even know what yours includes. Yes, they know you may want a little time to yourself or to sleep in, for starters, but sometimes you need to speak up and tell them!What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

In order to feel the love on Mother’s Day, I think we need to lower our expectations a bit. If your grand plan (or even not so extravagant plan) isn’t fully met, it can be disappointing or feel as if the day is “just any other day.” This year, let’s try to enjoy all the little things that make us smile on Mother’s Day – a kind word from our child, a thoughtful card, a little bit of extra sleep, a job done for us, a dandelion picked just for us, a meal cooked for us, a loving embrace, the phrases thank you or I love you, etc. If there is something you would REALLY like, let your spouse/kids know! Odds are they are planning something special for you, but they can only imagine what kind of a day you are truly hoping to have. Speak up!

May you speak up and feel celebrated this Mother’s Day and be surrounded by those you love (and maybe even get beautiful flowers or just the gift you wanted, too). Enjoy the extra love, snuggles, and hopefully appreciation. Here’s to incredible Moms!What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

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