Swimsuit Season

Some of the most enjoyable activities we can do with our kids are to go swimming, boating and beach combing. Yet, the majority of women grow up with self-consciousness and even outright anxiety about being out in public in a bathing suit. Summertime is a season where both of these facts collide together, exploding into a great big ball of fear for moms everywhere of all shapes and sizes.

Too many of us try on swimsuits some time in May, cursing ourselves for not eating healthier or spending more time at the gym. Are you included in that group of women? Whether you answer that question with a “yes” or a “no,” I can identify with you; I’ve been in both states of mind over the course of my 37 years.

As my years of life experience, scars and number of pregnancies have increased, so has my ratio of time spent feeling fantastic in a bikini. No, I haven’t defied the aging process. My perspective has just changed from a self-focus on superficial details that no one else cares about (e.g. body flaws) to one focused on valuing moments shared with friends and family having fun together (e.g. swimming, boating, and playing in the sand). To further prove my point, I interviewed my kids and husband.

“What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see me in my swimming suit?”

“Yay, we’re going swimming!” My kids immediately smiled and bounced up and down.

“We’re going swimming,” my husband agreed. “And then I whistle because I don’t get to see you in one very often.”

There is no rational reason that moms will work so very hard to make their kids and spouses happy in every way, but we draw the line at wearing a swimsuit with a carefree smile. It’s not logical. Somewhere along the line, we started believing that there’s only one right way to look in a swimming suit. Lies, lies, lies.

This summer you can wear whatever you want, but I hope it’s something that lets you swim, splash and play with your family so that you’re part of the fun, part of the memories, and part of the adventure. Because life’s too short to sit on the sidelines!

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