Summer Safety With a Splash

summer safetySummer is here and we are ready to hit the beach, or pool, or puddles, what ever warm splashy body of water we can get into. Here are a few summer safety rules to keep in mind while enjoying the warm weather.

1. Be Present, Watch the Kids
In today’s connected world it is easy to be semi-present. Scrolling through your phone, an occasional glance upward,  while  looking through FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. While focusing on getting the perfect shot of your kids and capturing these amazing memories can be tempting, in just the amount of time that it takes to look down and check a message or to add a sepia filter to a photo, a child can drown. It doesn’t take long at all. Making sure that small children are always being actively watched by an you or another adult can save lives!

2. Teach Children About Water Safety
Teaching children about water safety is very important. Talking to your children about your expectations and discussing the importance of flotation devices, proper play in swimming pools, boat safety, or even if it is a simple as teaching them to not get in the water unless an adult is around, proper education will keep them and those around them safe.

3. Learning To Swim
The birds do it (at least the ducks do!), the fish do it, why shouldn’t we? Swim! Getting children into swimming lessons early on is a great way to instill respect for the water and confidence around the water. Around Green Bay swimming lessons are offered at both the Kroc Center and YMCA!

4. Proper Flotation Devices
I’m on a Float? Using proper flotation devices for children can keep them upright, floating, and in the fun. Puddle jumpers and pool noodles are great water toys but they should not replace U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices and should never replace an actively watching adult.

5. Learn CPR
Knowing CPR will help you and your family feel safe and confidently react in the face of emergency. Knowing CPR can triple the odds of survival in an emergency situation. Having this knowledge is takes up no space in your car trunk but can do so much more that a pack of band aids.

With these tips you can enjoy the great weather and be confident that you and your family will remain safe.

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