Resolution to Serve

Here we are. The New Year. A fresh new start for many of us to accomplish our new resolutions or goals for the year. Some of you might want to read new books, or take a new adventure. Others might just want to get more rest.

While for some in our community, it is more than that. It is having a roof over their heads. Maybe it’s food on their children’s plates. A job that is secure. Or a place to feel that they fit in.

Green Bay may have a small town feel but as I look around I notice the big city problems. I see the man on the freezing street looking for a little food. Do I pretend I don’t notice him? Thoughts immediately enter my head. I really should stop. But what if it isn’t safe? It’s a busy road, lots of people would see if something happened… Oh no the light is green, it’s too late anyway. And there I go… How many of you can relate to me?

I believe that most people would love to serve those in need in our community. But where to start? How do you know that it would be a right fit for you? How can you help out with your busy schedule? Can you bring your family? So many questions may overwhelm and stop you from what you feel is an important opportunity.  There are resources out there that can help.

Where to begin:

Green Bay Area Moms Blog volunteering at the Freedom House

Right here in Green Bay, we have the Volunteer Center of Brown County. Their website ( is simple to use to aid in finding opportunities that are a fit for you. Whether you are interested in helping the elderly, homeless, or animals, or an area of service such as education, healthcare, or vocational training you can find a place to use your gifts to help others.

In addition, local churches or places like the YMCA or YWCA can be great resources. They typically have information on area volunteer work. Finally ask others who are involved in those opportunities themselves. Then you can get firsthand experiences on what the opportunity entails. 

Green Bay Area Moms Blog would love to encourage all of our readers to find some way to give back this year. From the smallest kind gesture to yearlong volunteer opportunities, the more we can pour our gifts into our community the better Green Bay becomes. And while you are out there sharing your gifts this year, I will be out sharing mine. Not so that we can say look at what we have done but to truly help those who need. And maybe we can help lessen those big city problems to keep our small town community felt by all.  

Please post any opportunities in the comments of this article to give others ideas!

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One Response to Resolution to Serve

  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer January 4, 2017 at 3:35 pm #

    A friend of mine sent me an opportunity so I thought I would post it here also!

    These are opportunities working with the Aging and Disability Resource Center.