Passing On Gratitude This Thanksgiving Season

Passing On Gratitude This Thanksgiving SeasonIt’s the time of year where “giving thanks” is the norm. Well, at least talking about being thankful. Most days we don’t spend our time thinking about all our blessings, but there are so many things to be grateful for – health, home, family…just to name a few. I could go on and on!

Instead of simply being thankful, let’s share our thoughts and let others know! We live in a world where people often hide behind computers and their smart phones and often spreading love isn’t at the forefront of our daily interactions. This Thanksgiving season, take some time to pass on your gratitude to others. Everybody could use a kind word, and smiles are contagious.

A simple verbal thank you is a great place to start. Not only could you intentionally say thanks to someone close to you, but it’s also important to show your gratitude to the many people whose help often goes unnoticed – mail carrier, grocer, store clerk, etc. Yes, most of these people get paid and are just doing their job, but saying thank you is free, and why not spread kindness?!? A little thanks goes a long way. 

If you are someone who already says “thanks” often throughout your day, try getting a little more specific with your gratitude: 

Passing On Gratitude This Thanksgiving Season“Thank you! I really appreciated your help.”

“Thanks for putting a smile on my face! 

“You just made my day.”

“Thanks for being a bright spot in my busy day today.”

“Thank you very much for thinking of me/my family.”

Obviously I know you can come up with plenty of ideas on your own, but just a few extra words really DO have the power to make someone’s day.

To take things one step further, a written thank you could be sent to someone who you are truly thankful to have in your life. Some ideas could be your child’s teacher(s), a co-worker, your doctor, a friend, or a neighbor. I’m sure we can all think of many occasions when someone really made a difference for us. Let them know! You will bring them joy, and who knows, they may even pass on gratitude to someone else.

Passing On Gratitude This Thanksgiving SeasonThis is a busy time of year, and it’s hard to fit one more thing into our schedules. Instead of this being just one more task on a to-do list, think of this as modeling kindness for your children. In fact, get your kids involved too! Just about any age child could draw a picture (or for older kids write a note) for someone. Your kids will have fun thinking about the person they are coloring for/writing to and will most likely be excited to help deliver/mail the note. A good old-fashioned thank you note isn’t always expected but is always appreciated.

Please join me in sharing a little gratitude this holiday season and spreading joy. You never know how far your kindness will reach. Start sharing gratitude and joy today! 

I would love to hear any stories of things you and your children do to show your appreciation for someone else!

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