My Favorite Christmas Cookies

I️ have so many special childhood memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom. She always hosted a big Christmas Day celebration for our family, and would make a huge variety of cookies and candy to share. Her Christmas platter was a thing of beauty and I always admired it. She graciously let me take over the family cookie making when I got married and had my own home. This year however, I am finding with three young children that I may have hit my limit! I have decided to pick our favorites and let the rest of it go for now. There will be plenty of time again when the littles are older and I’m missing the chaos of cooking with three young children.

Here are a couple of recipes that made the cut for this year:

Sugar Cookies

This is the best tasting sugar cookie recipe that I have tried so far! The cream cheese and almond extract are the secret ingredients. You do need to refrigderate or freeze the cookies once they are cooled to keep them from going bad, but they are soooo yummy and worth the extra effort.
Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies
Cream Cheese Frosting

Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are another favorite of our family’s. These cookies are so bright and cheery (and delicious too!). I use my precious hand me down Mirro cookie press that belonged to my Great Grandmother. You can find a wide variety of cookie presses on Amazon for reasonable prices. I usually do the four colors included in the food coloring pack, and then let the kiddos pick out their favorite shapes.

What are your family’s favorite Christmas cookie recipes? Wishing your family a yummy and Merry Christmas!!


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