This is Your MOM BRAIN on Christmas

If you are anything like me, your “mom brain” is always going 1,000 miles per hour. The holidays bring that number to about 172,468 miles per hour. This is an example of my brain at 11pm on a Thursday night…

(To get the full effect you should read this fast, franticly, and making varied facial expressions.)

“I have to remember to go to Kohl’s tomorrow to pick up that hoodie for my nephew… I wonder if I have a coupon? I should stop at Beth Bath and Beyond too while I’m in that area.  Hobby Lobby is right there too.  I’ll pick up supplies so the kids can make ornaments. They can do that on Saturday. I love the holidays! We need one for each grandparent, aunts and uncles, their teachers… oh man this project is going to take all day.

We should do more than a homemade ornament for their teacher. Hmm if I was a teacher I would want… wine. All the wine. But perhaps that’s an inappropriate gift from a 4-year-old. What would the other mom’s think? What about cookies? Ugh. They probably get so many cookies.

Christmas CookiesSpeaking of which, I should bake cookies with the kids. We love baking cookies!  I love this time of year! Wait, who would I bake cookies for? Should we give them out with the ornaments or will they get funky by Christmas?

I wonder what time the kids are going to get up on Christmas morning to open presents?!  I LOVE THAT! But what if I accidentally have more things to open for one kid than the other?! I should get Jude one more thing. And, I completely forgot to get my niece something. Add those to the list. Oh, and that ornament exchange thing – we need an ornament. I should get some ornaments for my husband’s coworkers too. And we could give them each a Christmas card too. 

The family photo holiday cards better come in the mail soon. I just hope I can get them out before Christmas. Ugh I’m always late on those. I received one before December 1st this year. What kind of maniac gets their holiday cards out that early?! Maybe next year I should start in November. I should at least print out the address labels tomorrow. I’ll make a to-do list so I don’t forget all this! I’ll type it into my phone right now. Where’s my phone? Oh I have 13 new Facebook notifications…” 

If this pinball brain stream sounds oddly familiar… you’re not alone! Let’s find comfort in numbers, and all make a pact to do three simple things for the sake of our sanity:Love the holidays

  1. Book a girl’s night. Do it now. It can even be shopping if you need to get shopping done! Or a quick happy hour. Text your whole posse or one good pal immediately.
  2. Treat yourself. Depending on your budget, this can be a holiday flavored latte, a massage, a manicure, or anything else that makes you smile. If it’s a latte, get it today. If it’s the others, schedule it.
  3. Delegate. Your spouse or significant other’s brain may not resemble the above. But that doesn’t mean they’re not 100% willing to help. They are fully capable of picking up gifts, running errands, ordering things online, printing address labels, and wrapping. Ask for help with at least 3 things this week.

There you have it – just 3 things to add to the long list of to-dos, but these are potentially the most important!

Happy Holidays to all – and to all your mom brains – good night!


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