Are you a Master Back-to-School Shopper? Want to be?

I have a secret….

I love shopping for school supplies.  Any organizing materials, really.  The color-coding! 

Back to School time is a great excuse to shop and scoop up some great deals.

Some schools now offer a school supply box in the spring.  One quick order and your supplies will be there in the fall. Fast, easy, effective.  But what fun is that?  

Plenty of websites offer how to find the best deals, so I’m not talking about that today.  What I want to talk about is what to DO with all those school supplies.  There are such great deals available, if you can, buy extra.

What to do with the extra? Easy….

  • Send them to school.  Teachers always appreciate extra materials (the kids will certainly use them!) and this helps out if a family cannot afford to buy all the supplies on their list.
  • Use them at home.

Use this time of year to restock your arts and crafts stash.  Go through your craft box…area…pile…room, whatever the case may be.  Clear out dry markers and pens.  Straighten and restock paper.  Toss and replace empty glue sticks and bottles. Sharpen those colored pencils!  Restock the glitter (or maybe not….)

  • Reorganize your Home Command Center.  Pinterest is always a fun place for ideas.  
  • Save them for next year.  Are you super organized?  Designate a bin for school supplies, and as you get good deals, stock it up!  You’ll have backups for if they run out throughout the year, for home projects, or next year.  
  • Donate them.  Make it a family project, with your kids helping pick out fun pencils and supplies that other kids would enjoy.  Many organizations run school supply drives for families and kids who cannot afford new supplies.  Contact these organizations to find out when and where to donate:

Does your family need school supplies this year?  Contact the organizations listed to sign up and be prepared to start the year!

Enjoy your lovely supplies and have a great school year!

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