How to fill your home with joy

Confession time: It’s February and I just finished taking down my Christmas decorations. This is due to equal parts procrastination and dread, because with every ornament removed from the tree and every snowman wrapped up and put away, I feel like I’m literally removing pieces of joy from my home.

The good news? It doesn’t have to feel that way. Here are some simple ways to fill your home with joy all year:

  • Cut the clutter: Extra “stuff” around your house holds negative energy and can wear you down. That pile of miscellaneous clothes in your kid’s closet? It is literally adding stress to your life and stealing from your joy! So set a goal and eliminate the “crap” you no longer want or need. Important note – do not try to declutter your entire home at once. In all likelihood, you will burn yourself out and abandon ship. Start with something small, like a pile of mail or one dresser drawer, and see how good that feels. Use that feel-good energy to add to your joy and motivate you to keep going. A simple Pinterest search will net dozens of tips and checklists to help with your progress.
  • ‘Spring’ for a fresh look: If you’ve lived in your home for a long time (like I have), sometimes all it takes to fall in love with a room again is a fresh perspective. Rearranging the furniture, scrubbing the carpets or swapping out the window treatments are simple yet effective ways to rekindle your affection for a space.
  • Turn off HGTV: When it comes to new house envy, I am the guiltiest. But it turns out the easiest way to stop comparing my house to those I see on TV … is to shut off the TV. There’s a definite, freeing joy in comes in letting go of the idea that my house will ever be a showpiece. Because really, when was that ever the intent?
  • Space to smile: What colors make you happy? Which family pictures bring back joyful memories? Once you abandon the idea of decorating your home to fit someone else’s ideal, it’s easier to identify pieces that you love. So incorporate photos, colors, textures and aromas that make you feel peaceful, energized or inspired. This can be as complex as repainting your bedroom or replacing your front door, or as simple as bringing your favorite coffee mugs to the front of the cabinet, buying a scented candle or putting a throw blanket on your sofa or chair.

How do you fill your home with joy? Please share in the comments section!


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