How Am I Failing These Days? Let Me Count the Ways…

The pace of this life. Having littles or big kids. Working full-time or being a SAHM. Having one child or four. Regardless of your situation, you might be feeling like a complete failure these days.  Me too! Check out all the ways I have been failing at life, motherhood, wifehood, and more these days. Maybe you can relate! 

FAIL:  My daughter wore mis-matched socks to school, the sitter, and pretty much everywhere for the last week. 

(She loved it. She got her own socks and shoes on for a week, so I call that a win.)

FAIL: I went to the wrong location for my daughter’s dance class. Sometimes they meet in a different place. I even had a reminder on my Google calendar which I promptly had ignored in the rush of eating and getting there. 

(7 out of the 10 kids in her class went to the wrong location. So I guess more of us are failing than winning) 

FAIL: My kitchen floor is sticky and has crumbs all over it at least 90% of the time. 

(I let my 3 year old bake with me. I’m teaching her a life skill and making memories) 

FAIL: I don’t know the last time I actually blew-dry my hair for work. 

(I teach 8 year olds who don’t care what I look like. Grateful for dry shampoo, gel for my curls and messy buns)

FAIL: I purposely take my kids to the bank with me so they get a free sucker before we go to the grocery store or run more errands.  

(I feel like my bank should take out a $5 sucker withdrawal once a year. I don’t even think they realize what their 3 cent Dum-Dum does)

FAIL:  Happy meals are a wonderful bribe in this house when running said errands (Daddy doesn’t know how fun running 2-3 hrs of errands with 2 kids really is!), for behaving for different events/occasions/dentist/doctor, and when a meal is just not happening! 

(I do love to cook and homemade meals are still present 90%, ok 80%, of the time)

FAIL: I feed my kids SpaghettiOs. But I taught my kids to call them noodle soup so they wouldn’t tell anyone what they were eating! 

(Now we eat them with pride, just like my brother did as a kid) 

FAIL: I haven’t shaved in at least a week. But who’s counting? 

(My husband is hunting every day and it’s pants season. No-shave November?)

FAIL: I’ve turned in late paperwork and lost paperwork for my son’s class. 

(I’m a teacher who expects things back from parents in my classroom, you’d think I’d at least get this one right!)

FAIL: It already snowed and my son doesn’t have any snow pants that fit. 

(Me and 99% of parents with school-age kids are now racing to the store for boots and snow pants)


This is a quick list of all the ways I have failed just in the last week or so!  I would be writing a book if I wanted to think about all the ways in the past year or more!  Maybe you said, “Yep, me too!” for some of these! So stop being so hard on yourself.  We’re all in this together. We all have great days and lousy days. We are all imperfect and will fail, often, in this life.  What we can control is finding our sense of humor in it all, sticking together as moms, and embracing our failures! Just look for me at the grocery store with my mismatched socked daughter eating her sucker and buying SpaghettiOs before we stop at McDonald’s on our way to dance class! 



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