Holiday Acts to Spread Kindness & Joy

Holiday Acts to Spread Kindness & JoyIt’s easy to get caught up in the magic of the holidays. Everywhere you look you can see bright, twinkling lights on homes, magical displays in storefronts, gorgeous decorations on trees, and so many delicious and festive foods to devour. 

The holidays generally bring about joy in people. As we decorate our houses, we feel joy. Hanging the stockings on the mantle brings us joy. Writing out all our Christmas cards may not exactly bring us joy (so many cards…), but we certainly know we will put a smile on the face of the person opening the card! Baking & eating Christmas cookies is always tasty. Spending time with friends and family creates so many memories too. There are so many holiday traditions to enjoy.

Maybe this year, you can add another tradition to your holidays. Let’s work on spreading the message of the holidays in new ways this year starting with kindness. Kindness can be such a simple thing but is SO incredibly important and rewarding. I pray you already see and feel plenty of kindness, but I know the world can always use more. 

Some of these ideas are simple; some are more complex. Many ideas can be done individually (by you or your child) or as a family to show your kids how important it is to share joy always, but especially this time of year. The holidays are not always a happy time for everyone so let’s work to make it a joy filled season for all this year!

Holiday Acts to Spread Kindness & JoyHoliday Acts to Spread Kindness & Joy –

Call or Face Time a loved one

Send a holiday card to a few people who aren’t typically on your “Holiday Card List” (or send a few cards if you don’t normally send any). Cards from kids are even better – think of the smiles they will bring to the people receiving them.

Shovel/snow blow for someone (if we get snow before the holidays – save for January if not)

Invite someone new to your home

Smile often

Offer neighbors, extended family, or friends without family nearby to celebrate the holidays with your family

Holiday Acts to Spread Kindness & JoyBring a co-worker coffee/tea

Put someone’s shopping cart away for them

Donate some extra school supplies to your child’s teacher

Be extra kind in traffic – let someone merge in front of you or get the “good” parking spot

Offer to bring someone a meal

Paint a rock and leave it somewhere for someone else to find

Bring in treats to the office

Fill and put a bird feeder outside

Bring a treat to the school secretary (or your office secretary)

Send an old photo to a friend to remind them of the memory

Do a chore for your brother/sister/parent so they don’t have to 

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

Unload someone’s cart into their car for them

Take your kids (or parents) out for a meal or treat just because

Put coins in a red kettle

Holiday Acts to Spread Kindness & JoyWrite someone a hand-written note – neighbor, teacher, co-worker, coach, parent, firefighter, police officer, school nurse, etc.

Donate old toys and books

Make a new friend

Compliment someone

Pay for someone behind you in the drive thru/check out

Offer to let someone with a few items go in front of your full cart in the check out line at the grocery store

Invite your grandparents over for dinner

Write a simple thank you note to a family (you may or may not know) for putting up beautiful outdoor lights that your family regularly enjoys seeing

Become an organ donor

Encourage another mom

Send a hug in the mail – We did this with my girls when they were first born and we lived away from family. Many family members still have the project!

Leave a coupon you won’t use near that item in a store

Give blood

Support a small business

Play Christmas music

Help someone wrap gifts

Holiday Acts to Spread Kindness & JoyShare baked goods

Clean the snow off of a vehicle

Leave a generous tip for your waiter/waitress

Make a get well card for someone who is sick

Volunteer at or donate non-perishables to a food pantry

Write a letter to your own mom (or other influential person) thanking her for making the holidays special for you growing up

Read a story to someone younger than you

Help someone reach something (or find something) at the store

Say please & thank you often

Offer to watch your friends’ children so they can have a date night (or even just go grocery shopping alone)

Hold the door open for someone

Introduce yourself to a neighbor you don’t know yet

Holiday Acts to Spread Kindness & JoyAnd remember, in the words of Elf/Will Ferrell “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is by singing loud for all to hear!”  Really though, listening to holiday music this time of year always puts a smile on my face. I especially love hearing my kids sing Christmas carols! 

I would love to hear other unique ideas you may have! Wishing you plenty of kindness and joy this holiday season and new year ahead!


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