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Salute to military mothers (1)

New view of Memorial Day

My stepson was only 5 years old when his father and I began dating. Now 21, he swears he doesn’t remember a time before I was in his life; I like to say the same back to him. But entering the military was never in my plan for him; I envisioned four years of college, […]

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7 Tips for Mom – Chief Negotiator

I recognize my emotions, their emotions, and approach the situation logically in spite of those. Sure, it’s tough to separate my stress level from the interaction…sure, it’s tough for me to look past their flailing arms and legs and try to talk logic. But you know what, sometimes it works!

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But something else happens.  It happens to me. And it happens each time.  Regret.  Guilt.  Shame.  I feel horrible- and not just because of a sore throat.  These three little humans that I am desperately attempting to raise as productive, kind members of society, are now frantically scrambling to do the task.

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Dear Sport Mommas

Dear Sports Mommas

Spring is here and sports are starting. Teach your child what it means to be part of a team. Show them what sportsmanship looks like. Don’t be “That Guy”! Remember why they are playing and what they are really playing for.

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changing my lens

Changing My Lens: Getting a New Perspective

Too often, we moms look at all our faults at the end of each day: we weren’t patient enough, we didn’t get enough work done, we left the dirty dishes, the kids didn’t get a bath, they will definitely wear mis-matched socks again the next day, etc. Or, the bigger ones we judge ourselves for: […]

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This One is Not a Monster (in Law)

When you get married it is easy to overlook some important aspects. It is not all lace, chalkboard signs, and cake tastings. You get way more than just a new partner in life or someone to nag when they leave the strawberries out overnight. You get their family.

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