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resolution to serve

Resolution to Serve

Green Bay may have a small town feel but as I look around I notice the big city problems. I see the man on the freezing street looking for a little food. Do I pretend I don’t notice him? Thoughts immediately enter my head. I really should stop. But what if it isn’t safe? It’s […]

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The Power of Words

And then it came out of nowhere, a small little sentence, and I was obliterated. My son asked who my mom was, and I replied “grandma.” He asked who’s my husband’s mom was, and I replied “nana.” And then he thought for a second, paused, and said “I really want a different mommy.”

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our bilingual journey

Our Bilingual Journey

It was like with putting my second baby down “drowsy but awake” – I’m going to decide to do this, be smart about it, and make it work. And so I did. Have I faced blunders? Absolutely. But I did my research – aside from Dr. Google, I read 2 books and spoke to several […]

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four ways we ruin the holidays

Four Ways Moms (Unknowingly) Ruin the Holidays

We all want to give our families that picture-perfect Christmas – just like something straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Unfortunately, we all live in the real world (and not in a Hallmark Channel movie) where sometimes kids get sick, roads get slick and moms get stressed. Big time. The best way I’ve found […]

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The perfect Tree

The Magic of a Christmas Tree

Look at the holidays in the same awe and wonder that a child looks at their tree. Decorating the tree should be about family. The holiday should be about family. It’s not the money spent, the presents, or the big meal that matter – its about getting together with those you love, gathering as a […]

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Won't Always Be a Foon

It Won’t Always Be a Foon – Everything is Temporary

I remember watching all my friends get pregnant while waiting to conceive.  I remember every negative pregnancy test.  I remember how long my pregnancies felt.  I counted the weeks one by one, waiting impatiently for the little wonders to arrive.  But suddenly it’s over, and I miss their little kicks inside my belly.  Because waiting, […]

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