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Bringing Back the Village

What if, instead of being so quick to call out the parenting choices we don’t agree with (and we KNOW there are plenty!), we try to bring back the Village?  What if we say, “I don’t agree with your choice to leave your child in the car/let them walk by themselves/stay home alone while you’re […]

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But something else happens.  It happens to me. And it happens each time.  Regret.  Guilt.  Shame.  I feel horrible- and not just because of a sore throat.  These three little humans that I am desperately attempting to raise as productive, kind members of society, are now frantically scrambling to do the task.

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How to Get Head lice – and keep it!

When it’s all said and done, the truth is that lice is part of parenting.  Along with cleaning up vomit, helping them go to the bathroom, and the endless snot that enters your life upon having children, lice is another gross part of the journey.

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