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Kids love to get in the field and pick their own food!

Invest Time in Food

The reality is, our focus on fast is one of the reasons our society is having an obesity problem at the same time that malnourishment is going back up. Teaching your kids about food and investing time in food promotes a healthy lifestyle and mentality from the beginning! Plus, planting, picking, and making food is […]

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Coping With Anxiety in Kids

One thing I have learned about anxiety is that it is hereditary. This has become a burden on its own, because it is quite apparent that my oldest suffers anxiety. I worry about how that will play out throughout his life, so I decided to be proactive and teach him ways to control his emotions […]

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changing my lens

Changing My Lens: Getting a New Perspective

Too often, we moms look at all our faults at the end of each day: we weren’t patient enough, we didn’t get enough work done, we left the dirty dishes, the kids didn’t get a bath, they will definitely wear mis-matched socks again the next day, etc. Or, the bigger ones we judge ourselves for: […]

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Rise N Shine

Rise N’ Shine

So, two weeks ago, when I walked into my son’s room and I said “rise n’ shine buddy,” it clicked. And I smiled. I felt proud to use our family expressions, and felt proud to know they were engrained in me, when I hadn’t even thought about it before I said it.

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DIY Construction Costumes

So, fast-forward to early September. My little H noticed some Halloween costumes in Target and asked what he would be for Halloween. I told him it was up to him. Shockingly (no, not at all shockingly), he asked if he could be an excavator. I told him I didn’t think I could make that, to […]

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