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National Pretzel Day

Crispy. Salty. Great with dip. Pretty much, the perfect snack! In honor of this special day, here’s a list of my favorites and some dip recipes to enjoy with them!

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Restaurant Busy Kits

Eating at a restaurant with a child (or multiple children!) can be a challenge. Time ticks about 10x slower when you’re awaiting the food for a hungry child. I put together these Restaurant Busy Kits and keep them right in my car. They’ve been a real sanity saver and have made dinners out actually enjoyable […]

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Open Face Venison Sandwiches

It’s Deer Season :: Easy Open Face Venison Sandwich

It’s that time of the year again. The time when we lose our husbands to the grunt of the bucks. All of their time planting food plots, cutting shooting lanes, hanging deer stands and preparing their clothes by hanging them in the woods will soon pay off. And hopefully, you’ll have a picture of your […]

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6 Thanksgiving Books for Kids

6 Thanksgiving Books We Love

 Add some fun new books to your rotation with our favorites for the Thanksgiving season   Pete the Cat The First Thanksgiving Another favorite about the cool cat named Pete. He stars in his class play about the first Thanksgiving. This educational book doesn’t have quite the same cool vibe as some of the others […]

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Mommy Brain

Mommy Brain. It’s a Real Thing.

The absentmindedness started while I was pregnant. I would forget to buy milk at the grocery store. Or I would order my husband the wrong coffee drink on a morning doughnut run. It was funny, most of the time. But then the baby came out and took my sanity along with it. When I look […]

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The Teal Pumpkin Project

Keeping Halloween Safe What’s the first thing you think about when you think Halloween? Pumpkins? Costumes? Trick-or-Treating? Candy? What if your child couldn’t eat candy? That would take away a HUGE chunk of Halloween. This was the problem Becky Basalone, a mom in Tennessee, faced in 2012. At a local Trunk-or-Treat event sponsored by her […]

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