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Summer Safety With a Splash

Summer is here and we are ready to hit the beach, or pool, or puddles, what ever warm splashy body of water we can get into. Here are a few summer safety rules to keep in mind while enjoying the warm weather.

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This One is Not a Monster (in Law)

When you get married it is easy to overlook some important aspects. It is not all lace, chalkboard signs, and cake tastings. You get way more than just a new partner in life or someone to nag when they leave the strawberries out overnight. You get their family.

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The Perfect Birth Plan

I am a Doula, a woman who unbiasedly supports women, their partners, and families, during pregnancy, by supporting them emotionally, educationally, mentally, and physically. Support looks different, depending on the mother and partner, but often, I am able to assist them when they write their birth plan. There is comfort in having a plan, knowing […]

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