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can't you just

Why I’m Removing “Can’t You Just” From My Vocabulary

As women, and as moms in particular, overextending ourselves is a way of life. It’s made harder by the fact that not only do we try to shoehorn more in, but there’s the perception that we need to make more time to fit in little things.  Especially when “Can’t you just…” is thrown around like […]

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No, Really. No Gift.

No, Really. No Gifts Please: 10 Non-toy gift ideas

Well, I know that I hate showing up to a kids’ birthday party empty handed. And what’s more I know I’m not alone. In fact, recently, my son was invited to a birthday party that explicitly requested no gifts, and yep, you guessed it. We stopped at the store and picked up a ball.

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high expectations

The Art of High Expectations

They may see me as hopelessly old fashioned as well. But when they grow up, I hope they’ll appreciate my own high expectations for them, even if it takes a few decades (or more) as adults to fully appreciate my reasons.

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