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Music soothes…the baby’s wails

Kids grow up fast. And their tastes and experiences are always changing and evolving; they aren’t “old and set in their ways” yet.  Which means I can still experiment with their music. While I still have control of the radio and a school-day commute, I’ll take advantage of it while I can….

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language skills

Explore Spring, Experience Language, Expand Minds

How often do we go through our morning routine on autopilot?  I rely on routines to get everything done. If I’m out of order, I’ll likely go to grab my coffee only to discover I didn’t make it!  Or (more likely), I’ll find my cold coffee sitting in the coffee maker, waiting for me to remember it. […]

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best diaper

Finally the answer to…. “What is the best diaper”?

Yes, absorbency determines if you have to change immediately after a pee or if it can wait until you get home from the grocery store (and if you can make it through naptime).  BUT, the best absorbency doesn’t matter if the first pee shoots right out that little gap into mom’s shirt.  

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