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self-care in a crisis, woman holding coffee cup

Self-Care is Still Important in a Crisis

Wake.  Coffee.  Kids.  Work.  Enforce learning/meetings/etc.  Work.  Lunch.  Work.  Break up kids arguing.  Work.  Dinner.  Check on school work.  Family time.  Kids bedtime.  Work.  Shower.  Bed.  Repeat.  Sound vaguely familiar? I kept hearing the phrase “self-care” and I would chuckle to myself.  Who has time for self-care in a crisis?  Sure, maybe when things get […]

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Mother's Day Gift and Takeout Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother's Day during a pandemic is not something I ever thought would happen, but here we are.  Now more than ever, supporting our local, small businesses is so important!  We've compiled this fantastic Mother's Day Gift Guide full of local businesses ready to serve you!  There are so many unique options, you're sure to find [...]
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living with COVID-19

Living with COVID-19

Disclaimer: This is NOT medical advice.  This is one Mom’s experience of living with COVID-19, for which she tested positive for (not presumptive).  Be sure to use virtual visits to connect with your healthcare providers if you have concerns about your health.   Yes, you read that title correctly. On Tuesday, April 7, I received […]

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wild child

My Daughter Is The Wild Child You Hear About

When my son was three, I was sure that he was the wild child, the leader of the pack. As it turns out, he was just a very active three-year-old who loved to entertain. Then along came my wild child daughter, and everything changed. In her very first seconds “outside” in the world (C-section mama, […]

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