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Salute to military mothers (1)

New view of Memorial Day

My stepson was only 5 years old when his father and I began dating. Now 21, he swears he doesn’t remember a time before I was in his life; I like to say the same back to him. But entering the military was never in my plan for him; I envisioned four years of college, […]

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Surviving the Madness of the Summer Schedule

Disclosure :: This content is sponsored by Post Consumer Brands, but the commentary is 100% genuine.As a mom of four life is hectic. And, by the time May rolls around life enters a whole new level of chaos. Between soccer, baseball, swimming and other activities Monday-Thursday evenings are maxed out. Many of those nights work […]

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7 Tips for Mom – Chief Negotiator

I recognize my emotions, their emotions, and approach the situation logically in spite of those. Sure, it’s tough to separate my stress level from the interaction…sure, it’s tough for me to look past their flailing arms and legs and try to talk logic. But you know what, sometimes it works!

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An Educator's Perspective

An Educator’s Perspective

I am an educator, and I am a mother, and I will take on the responsibility of every child that walks through my classroom door; however, I can only hope that one day I will be confident that my child will be safe inside the walls of a school. 

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