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Bringing Back the Village

What if, instead of being so quick to call out the parenting choices we don’t agree with (and we KNOW there are plenty!), we try to bring back the Village?  What if we say, “I don’t agree with your choice to leave your child in the car/let them walk by themselves/stay home alone while you’re […]

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No-Fuss Dinner Solution: The Picnic

Instead, let’s share a meal in the great outdoors! Picnics have become our family’s new go-to, and our latest mission is to invite others along. Here is a low-maintenance way of getting people of all ages together for a meal. Host your picnic at a public park with a playground and you’ve got your perfect […]

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Family-friendly Ways to Celebrate a New Packers Season

We partnered with DecoPac, the world’s largest supplier of cake decorations to professional cake decorators and bakeries in the world, to bring you this post. Green Bay Area Moms Blog did receive compensation in exchange for the blog post, but the commentary is 100% genuine.Don’t get me wrong, I am sad summer is ending. But, […]

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Holding Down the Fort

Holding Down the Fort

Seven years in, I think I’ve finally figured out a good routine for the times he is gone. It starts with one word…planning. If I plan the meals for the week, I don’t struggle with that part of our day.

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Keep your photos organized with a family yearbook!

Organizing your Family Memories

Now that the majority of us have smart phones, there is rarely a special moment that isn’t caught on either a picture or video. I know myself, personally, take well over 1000 photos a year, and quite a few videos, too! So many people just leave them on their phone or send them to the […]

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