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Kids love to get in the field and pick their own food!

Invest Time in Food

The reality is, our focus on fast is one of the reasons our society is having an obesity problem at the same time that malnourishment is going back up. Teaching your kids about food and investing time in food promotes a healthy lifestyle and mentality from the beginning! Plus, planting, picking, and making food is […]

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ages & stages of parenting

Between diaper pins and car keys

There are days when I definitely miss the look of wonder and discovery on a toddler’s face when she touches dandelion fluff, pops soap bubbles or holds a wriggly caterpillar for the first time. But those nostalgic feelings fade as I think about how my girls are able to dress themselves, get in and out […]

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summer safety

Summer Safety With a Splash

Summer is here and we are ready to hit the beach, or pool, or puddles, what ever warm splashy body of water we can get into. Here are a few summer safety rules to keep in mind while enjoying the warm weather.

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Swimsuit Season

This summer you can wear whatever you want, but I hope it’s something that lets you swim, splash and play with your family so that you’re part of the fun, part of the memories, and part of the adventure. Because life’s too short to sit on the sidelines!

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Copy of Let me Count the Ways! (1)

2 Must Read Family Books

So what are these two magical books that are so amazing?  Besides being the pick for Global Read Aloud (which usually means it’s pretty darn good).  My students also vote on books after we finish them. This is the first book to ever get unanimous two thumbs up (highest rating).  They begged for the sequel […]

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June Recipes

5 Simple June Recipes From the Garden

I love my garden. With several young kids helping me haphazardly plant seeds, I only succeed in growing a few things (one of which is weeds). But I’m fortunate enough to harvest a few goodies from it each summer. Fresh produce and herbs are my favorite! If you don’t have a garden – no problem. […]

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