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can't you just

Why I’m Removing “Can’t You Just” From My Vocabulary

As women, and as moms in particular, overextending ourselves is a way of life. It’s made harder by the fact that not only do we try to shoehorn more in, but there’s the perception that we need to make more time to fit in little things.  Especially when “Can’t you just…” is thrown around like […]

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Are we roommates

Are We Roommates?

It’s when I only see my husband to sleep. It’s when our conversations are short, to the point, and revolve around the logistics of carting our kids around or what we need from the grocery store.

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Draining the summer bucket list

Tons of summertime fun? Check!

Our culture is obsessed with bucket lists. Ever since that movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson came out in 2007, Americans young and old have been fixated with creating and crossing items off these life-goal “to-do” lists. My daughters are no exception.

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I can't watch that...

I Can’t Watch That…

n speaking with other moms, it looks like there is a trend on how perspectives change when you become a parent in terms of how you enjoy media. I first experienced this when I was reduced to tears during a movie trailer while pregnant.

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