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"Those Days" Home-school Survival Guide

“Those Days” Home-school Survival Guide

If you are like me, you have had “THOSE DAYS”. “Those days” are the days that the kids decide to see how long my patience will last. At every turn, I have a child who is distracted, bored or just plain tired. And speaking of tired, there are “those days” that I am just plain […]

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Mom why don't you like me

‘Mom? Why don’t you like me?’

No one told me that having children was sometimes like putting a mirror up in front of your own face. No one told me that I would see myself in the dramatic way she sighs and rolls her eyes. No one told me I would hear my own words, bitter and sarcastic, coming out of […]

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oh mom I get it now

Oh Mom, I Get IT Now

There are so many it(s) that I have left to experience.  I’m sure I will find the right time to use the phrase “life’s not fair” and I will understand why grand kids are better than my own kids.  But until then, if you see a cartoon-like light bulb above my head, don’t worry.  It’s just me […]

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Ode to My Shower

Ode to My Shower

I don’t have a big bathroom at all. It’s not fancy. The shower head is whatever WPS installed on their energy plan visit.  It’s not a walk-in or tile. I don’t even like the shower curtain anymore. But I LOVE my shower.  I mean LOVE.

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