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i do it all

I Do It All…

Can I get an Amen?  I mean as moms we do it all! Right?!  When we get ready to go on a vacation the standing joke at our house is that my husband just has to show up with his clothes. All other details are thought of.  And this doesn’t just apply to special events like […]

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How Times Have Changed… with Babysitting!

Maybe I’m not the only one, but I think a lot about how things were different when I was a kid. It might because I’m in the midst of raising my own children. It might be because I miss simpler times. It might be that the world has just drastically changed.   Whatever the reason, one […]

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Guilty on Grandparents' Day

Guilty…on Grandparents’ Day

It’s Grandparents’ Day, the time of year where we are thankful for the extra people in our life or our kids’ lives.   My parents are absolutely amazing grandparents and I don’t know what we’d do without them.  But this holiday actually makes me feel guiltier each year. Don’t get me wrong. My extended family on […]

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Back to School

Back To School – From a Teacher’s Perspective

There’s a funny saying that goes around each year.  June is like Friday, July is our Saturday and August is a long Sunday night!  This is definitely true. The business of August is something that shows that school is right around the corner.   Families are squeezing in one last vacation and school supplies are […]

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