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Everyone Should Have Cancer for a Day

I’m telling you, if something has the power to make you appreciate everything around you, make you have more empathy and compassion and generosity towards others and also grows your faith and positive attitude – everyone should have it.

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Books to read as a family

Books to Read as a Family

One of my favorite parts of the day is when my kids are in bed. You read that correct! You might even be thinking – yes! Me too! I need some peace and quiet around here. But I don’t mean what you are probably thinking! I mean the cuddle and reading time we get to […]

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Surviving Spring Break Travel

SPRING BREAK. Such sweet words after a long Wisconsin winter. I have been spoiled to have the opportunity to go on many spring break trips in my lifetime. I have fond memories of the 20 hour car rides to Florida (seriously, I loved it!) Now, as a teacher, my own family will be going on […]

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Nut-Free Valentine's

Easy, Candy-Free Valentines!

I know there are a ton of lists out there of candy-free Valentines. I was very intentional with my list – I purposely tried to pick ones that were easy to make, had a free printable attached and didn’t require 4 trips to the craft store and special tools or supplies. Because honestly, who has […]

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