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Have more fun by adventuring in 2017

For several months, I’ve been updating you awesome readers on my resolution to have more FUN this year. So far, we’ve read silly books, laughed out loud, embraced odd-ball holidays and checked out Wisconsin’s outrageous food celebrations. What’s next? Time for you moms to go out on a limb and try something new.

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How to laugh more in 2017

How to laugh more in 2017

We all know laughter is an amazing thing. It boosts our immune systems, alleviates pain and reduces stress. So why don’t we do it more often? Why do we take ourselves so darn seriously?

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Mom why don't you like me

‘Mom? Why don’t you like me?’

No one told me that having children was sometimes like putting a mirror up in front of your own face. No one told me that I would see myself in the dramatic way she sighs and rolls her eyes. No one told me I would hear my own words, bitter and sarcastic, coming out of […]

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How to have more fun in 2017

I have just one goal for 2017 – have more FUN. With my husband, with my girlfriends and, especially, with my daughters. At 11 and 7, they are at the perfect ages to really get after it and start having some serious good times. Make amazing family memories. Take big bites out of life.

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