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One Memory

A Mom’s Journal: One Memory Per Day

I used to keep a daily journal for about 18 years of my life.  It was adorable in my elementary school years, cathartic in my teenage years, and kept track of momentous occasions in my college and young adult years.  My entries were lengthy, filled with emotion, and someday I hope my kids read my […]

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Advice for the Infertile… That doesn’t include “Just stop trying and it will happen.”

It’s okay to cry.  It’s okay to be angry, to feel betrayed by your own body.  It’s okay to feel bitter when your friends share miraculous stories about getting pregnant on the first try.  It’s okay to sit quietly as one of your friends complains about their pregnancy, and then excuse yourself to go sob […]

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18 Realistic Dates

18 Realistic Dates That Would Ruin “The Bachelor”

We make fun of it because it’s based on very unrealistic expectations. 25 pre-screened, gorgeous (but mostly crazy) people are all competing for a potential mate that they’ve never met. The show takes place in an elegant mansion stocked with endless amounts of booze, and features outings to exotic locations no regular people can afford. […]

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5 Resolutions I Might Actually Keep

5 Resolutions I Might Actually Keep

Every year it seems we all aim for the same things… finally lose that baby weight, purge/simplify, be more “present,” stop judging others, and the list goes on! I don’t need a new year to tell me I need to work on those. Those are all part of our never-ending list of #momgoals. This year, […]

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Won't Always Be a Foon

It Won’t Always Be a Foon – Everything is Temporary

I remember watching all my friends get pregnant while waiting to conceive.  I remember every negative pregnancy test.  I remember how long my pregnancies felt.  I counted the weeks one by one, waiting impatiently for the little wonders to arrive.  But suddenly it’s over, and I miss their little kicks inside my belly.  Because waiting, […]

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