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"Those Days" Home-school Survival Guide

“Those Days” Home-school Survival Guide

If you are like me, you have had “THOSE DAYS”. “Those days” are the days that the kids decide to see how long my patience will last. At every turn, I have a child who is distracted, bored or just plain tired. And speaking of tired, there are “those days” that I am just plain […]

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Mom's Night Out

Mom’s Night Out

Let’s face it Moms, we all need a night out! Being a mom is an exhausting, self-sacrificing, and most of the time thankless job (even though it is worth the work). So sometimes we need to get out of all of the serving and just have a little fun. So gather up some friends and […]

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My Mother's Day

My Mother’s Day

Lets face it, normal life doesn’t stop just because it is Mother’s Day. Some everyday tasks still need finishing. Sometimes my expectations of the day do not allow me to notice the small wonderful things that my children do for me. And either I can focus on how bad I feel because I didn’t get […]

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40 Random Acts of Kindness

40 Random Acts of Kindness

Last month I resolved to serve in the Green Bay community. Random Acts of Kindness week gives me a reason to serve even more. So I decided to share my list of ideas that I want to implement not only this week but all year round.

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resolution to serve

Resolution to Serve

Green Bay may have a small town feel but as I look around I notice the big city problems. I see the man on the freezing street looking for a little food. Do I pretend I don’t notice him? Thoughts immediately enter my head. I really should stop. But what if it isn’t safe? It’s […]

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Why I Chose Homeschool

If you were to ask me in college, where my kids were going to go to school, homeschooling would have been my last option. I had so many preconceived notions about what homeschooling was and the families that chose to participate in it. To me the people who homeschooled were the parents of kids who […]

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"Mean Mom" Moments

“Mean Mom” Moments

One of my responsibilities as a mom is to not take those experiences away from my children by helping them too much. I have a laid back and fun-loving personality. Conflict is my worst enemy. I love my children and don’t want them to think of me as a mean mom. And, I definitely don’t […]

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